Leaving money in a will trust

Put money or other assets ‘in trust’ to protect your property and provide for loved ones after your death.

Trusts are an important part of making a will and estate planning (planning what happens to your property and other assets when you die.)

Put money, property or assets aside in a will trust that’s looked after by people you choose, called ‘trustees’.

Trustees manage the assets and follow your instructions. Passing benefits on to your beneficiaries according to your wishes.

CHC consultants can advise on which type of trust might be best for your circumstances and help you add this to your will. Arrange a call to discuss your needs.

What are will trusts and why would I need one?

There are several types of trust, but they’re most commonly used by married couples who own property together.

Or to provide for young or vulnerable people in your life who aren’t ready or able to manage their inheritance.

How and why to set up a trust

A will trust comes into effect when you pass away. You choose the details and our consultants will help you write-up your wishes.

Keep your share of property protected from costs after your death, so your partner and children can stay in the family home.

Or make sure your children inherit your share of property or assets when your spouse passes away, even if they remarry.

What are Lifetime trusts

Lifetime trusts put property into trust while you’re still alive. They can be complicated in terms of inheritance tax, so always get professional advice before setting one up.

Trusts can have many uses. Arrange a meeting to talk to one of our consultants about whether one might work for you.