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Writing a will is important

Our personal and professional service makes it simple AND affordable.

So you can leave a legacy that protects your wishes and takes care of the people you love. (All for less than that new sofa.)

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Do I need a will?

The answer is almost certainly ‘yes’. Making a will can protect your partner, secure your home and provide for your children.

Even if you don’t have children or property, it gives you the final say in who inherits your assets and what happens when you die. And can stop you paying too much inheritance tax.


Who can write a will for me?

A will writer or will writing service can also offer guidance on writing your will and is usually cheaper than a solicitor. But make sure they are qualified and recognised by a regulatory body.

All CHC consultants have been trained by the College of Will Writing and are full members of the Society of Will Writers.

How Can We Help You?

Will Trusts - CHC Wills
Many UK adults do not currently have a Will, their will may be out of date or even invalid. We offer a Free of Charge Will checking service, to ensure that your Will is current and meets all your wishes for the disposal of your estate.

A properly drafted and executed Will can save your loved ones time, effort and upset at a very stressful time. 

Call us today for a confidential chat with one of our fully trained and qualified consultants.

Will Trusts - CHC Wills

Trusts are an important part of intelligent Estate Planning, particularly in the case of young or otherwise vulnerable beneficiaries. 

They can help ensure that specific or complicated wishes for your estate are carried out, by people that you trust. 

Please ask our consultants if a Trust may be suitable for you. 

Will Trusts - CHC Wills

Put simply, estate planning is properly preparing for the transfer of wealth and assets after death to your beneficiaries. 

With good advice and strategies, it can help minimise tax liabilities and ensure that the maximum benefit is passed on to your loved ones, while fully complying with tax legislation. 

Our partners will be happy to advise on all aspects of estate planning.

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If you are 55+ then you may qualify for a equity release mortgage. The equity release market has grown and has become more sophisticated and heavily regulated and that gives you more choice and a greater protection. 

If you are a home owner and looking to secure your home for your old age and release some hard earned cash, this maybe for you.

To find out if it is suitable for you, talk to our independent fully  qualified adviser with no obligation.

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A pre-paid funeral plan is a simple way to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance, whilst protecting your loved ones against unexpected costs and making sure everything’s how you would have wanted it. 

By planning ahead you can:

Have peace of mind that you’ve arranged and paid for your funeral in advance.

Beat rising funeral costs by paying for your funeral at today’s prices.
Plan it your way to make sure your final wishes are met, meaning less stress for your friends and family.